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Documentation is essential for the world to know problems: says CM

In a context where our resources are being destroyed, it has become essential to study about them and document them, the CM , C.V.Wigneswaran had said.

The introduction of the documentary by the name of “Iruzhil Ithaya poomy”  (Heartland in darkness), produced by the Jaffna Press Club was held yesterday at the ‘Kalaithoothu Hall”, Jaffna. The CM placed his above opinion in this event.

Elaborating further he said that, we always give the details shown in this documentary, in writing, to all VIPs who come to meet us. However when we give those details through a documentary like this, dubbed in several languages to countries outside the people of those countries will get to know our problems well.

In this context of arms being silenced, we will be benefited only if the people worldwide know our problems. However much the pressures are exerted by the world countries, the rights and power of the minorities could be reaped by converting them into political pressures.

Such problems are found in their numbers among us. Actions are taken to facilitate illegal colonization, Trees are destroyed. When inform these things to relevant authorities no action is being taken against them.

Attempts are being taken to bring back a Divisional Secretary transferred due to controversial reasons as the District Secretary of Mullaitheevu, and some of our people are aiding this.

35% of a countries land area should have forest coverage, but our trees are indiscriminately destroyed. We have to protect our forests. We have to protect our resources.

On a permit from Central Government for excavating 16 feet, 144 feet had been excavated. We cannot ask any question. The power lies with Central Government. They are not willing to devolve the power. Hence, the documentation is a must in showing our position to the world , he said.