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Domestic inquiry unacceptable: Karunanithy

DMK Patriarch M.Karunanithy has stated that a domestic inquiry is unacceptable. It can wipe away the charge of war crime. There is a likelihood of culprits getting away.

He told the media that his party will insist on an international inquiry. He would extend support to the agitation for international probe.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ramadoss said that though he was pained by the decision of the U.S. government, he was not surprised because he had expected it.

“I have been saying that we should not trust the U.S. as it would not hesitate to betray the interest of Tamils. My stand has been vindicated now,” he said.
Even the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickermesinghe, could not get justice for the Tamils as it was during his regime that efforts were made for the final war against the Tamils.

“The only ray of hope is the United Nations Human Rights Council. It should ensure that an international inquiry is ordered into the war crimes,” Dr. Ramadoss said.