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Don’t come to the country now: Ariyanenthiran advises Diaspora Tamils

Ariyanenthiran has requested Diaspora Tamils to temporarily avoid   coming to the country until there is a  stable environment  in the country after the general election.

He had said in statement with regard to this, released today, as follows:

Ragupathy Kanagasoorium, a father of two, from Kokkaddicholai ,who was working in Saudi Arabia, was arrested, by the TID, at the Katunayake Air port, when he returned to country on holiday.

The Kokkaddicholai police had informed his family that he was arrested on information from state intelligence and currently under interrogation.

Prior this Ragupathy  had  come on leave and returned to Saudi Arabia without any problem and this time he had been arrested , his family said.

If there is good governance in the country, how is that Tamil people are being arrested he queried.

He had also said that, it is essential that, those who had migrated due to political reasons and former militants who are working in the Middle East avoid returning to the country at this juncture.

15 Tamils who returned to the country at the end of the 100 days of the New Government had been arrested. This includes Those who returned to the country after their appeal for asylum had been  rejected.

Several people who had returned several countries including Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Australia and France were among those who were arrested at the Air Port by the TID.

Hence , until such time the elections are over and stability established in the country, avoid temporarily coming to the country, he had requested.