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Don’t hold Vice-Chancellor Election excluding qualified candidates & the University Community beats its war drums

The University community of the University of Jaffna demanded that the election for the new vice Chancellor should not be held excluding qualified and competent candidates. The election for the Vice Chancellor is to be held tomorrow, Sunday. The approved candidates will present their work plan individually at a meeting to be held in the University today. They all had already submitted their applications. But Prof. Sam Thiyagalingam who had also applied from abroad for the said post but has not been allowed to contest.

We request you to evaluate the candidates and vote impartially to those who are not belonging to any political Organization, qualified to raise the university to International levels and those who could bring good to our area.

The All Faculty Students Federation has requested that the application of Professor Sam Thiyagalingam should be reviewed again and the clear the disrespect the University has been burden with. We know that the many innocent people are waiting eagerly to have a VC of the caliber of Prof. Thurairaja.

From the middle part of 1990, the VC post has become a play horse of people who wanted achieve their own interests, by being the sycophants of those who are in power.  This trend was at its peak during period from 2008 – 2014. The VC election results were pre-manipulated in the office of a political party. Even the council meetings were held in that party office, they have said.

Although the council was constituted with new external members, the persons who committed offences were not punished. We are opposing the rejection of any application for late receipt.

It is learnt that, Professors, Sam Thiyagalingam, Wigneswaran, Siri Satkuneswaran, Raviraj, Mihunthan and Velnamby had applied for the post of Vice- Chancellor.