Tamil Diplomat

Don’t  offer Northern Sea area  falling  for Indian illusion, insists the Fishermen Federation

The Sri Lankan government should not go into a position where it will have to offer on a platter to India, the Northern sea area, by falling prey to the strategic political moves of India, the Secretary of the Fishermen Federation, N.V.Subramanium has requested the Sri Lanka Government.

The Ministerial Meeting of Sri Lanka and India over the Indo-Sri Lanka Fishermen affair is to commence in Colombo today. An Indian delegation led by the New Delhi’s Agricultural and Fisheries Minister  Radha Mohanasingh and  Sri Lankan Foreign  Minister, Mangala Samaraweera and Minister of Fisheries, Mahindha Amaraweera will participate in this meeting.

In the context of this being an Inter Ministerial meeting, the Fisheries Societies are not involved in the meeting and when we asked  N.V.Subramanium as to what they expect Sri Lanka to insist in this meeting he said as and further, he said that,  “ We had insisted certain matters during the meeting between fishermen societies of both countries. We have insisted then that Indian Trawler fishing should be banned completely, Illegal fishing activities should be prevented and zIndian Fishermen should not transgress International Border. The Sri Lankan Government should continue to insist the above matters.

He also warned that if the Sri Lankan try to offer anything in contravention to these countrywide struggle will be undertaken.