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We don’t want irresponsible answers. Go deeply into affair of missing persons: says CM

Nobody has the right to announce irresponsibly that  the missing are not alive or have gone abroad, without making any proper inquiry, said the NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

He was participating and speaking in the event for opening the consular section of the Foreign Ministry in Jaffna at the District Secretariat. The relatives of the missing are continuing their fast for 4 days now. The Government made promises that investigation will be made on missing persons who were handed over to the Security Forces before eye witnesses. The Government should do it.

A mother has said that she had seen her missing daughter in a photograph with the president himself. If proper investigation had been made she could have been traced.

It is no use saying that they all had died or have gone abroad. Without making proper investigation, who has the right to say that they have died or gone abroad. Speedy action is needed with regard to this, he said.