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Dragging solution, a great danger to the country, warns CM, Eastern Province, Naseer Ahamed

The Chief Minister of Eastern Province, Seinulaptheen Naseer Ahamed warned yesterday that if the providing of a solution to Ethnic problem is delayed further, it will take the country to a greater disaster.

He was speaking in an event held at the Batticaloa Mahajana College, yesterday.

If this country which has encountered gargantuan disasters, does not learn lessons from them with an open heart and travel towards a solution for Ethnic problem, the future of the country will become a big question mark. Without further delay the solution to the ethnic problem and that solution should be implemented.

Nobody could be in this country without being able to accept the 13th amendment. The MPs and the Members of the Provincial Councils, had taken oaths accepting the 13th amendment and then refuse to grant the same thing.

Political back tracking is not good for this country. The pursuance of the solution for the ethnic problem should be undertaken immediately he said.