Sunday 9 August 2020
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Dragonflies invade Coastal areas of Trincomalee

Dragonflies invade Coastal areas of Trincomalee

Dragonflies belonging to a small variety of grasshoppers have invaded Trincomalee.

These flies are swarming over the coastal areas of Trincomalee, the area people said.

Coastal areas from Trincomalee beach to Pulmodai are swarmed by these dragon flies.

From the evening of, day before yesterday until yesterday evening, these flies were found swarming over the said areas.

It is notable that, hundreds of thousands dragon flies were seen flying with great buzzing noise at high altitudes.

Meanwhile multitudes of black Butterflies have invaded Medirigiriya and Lankapura areas in  Pollonnaruwa District. The farmers of the areas have expressed fear over invasion of butterflies.

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