Thursday 6 August 2020
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It is my duty to protect our language, says the Governor Ragavan 

It is my duty to protect our language, says the Governor Ragavan 

While saying that the enemies who wanted to destroy the Tamil Nation destroyed our books first , the Northern  Governor, Dr. Suren Ragavan also said that it is his duty to protect our Language.

He said so in an event to grant appointment to graduates teachers and other related officers held at Vembadi Girls College, Jaffna , yesterday.

Every nation in the world has its own identity. For the Tamils their language is the only identity. We will be able to make our life under the great umbrella that is our Language.

As per researches, Tamil is one of the 5 oldest languages in the world. They say that the Tamil we speak in Jaffna is in it pure form and belongs to the soul of Mother Tamil. It is why the enemies first destroyed our books before destroying Tamil people.

You will be offered children of people at the brink of a fallen country. The society of tomorrow will ask you questions. You will have to lay the foundation for protecting our Nation and Culture and transform  it into the best Nation, he said.

2 thoughts on “It is my duty to protect our language, says the Governor Ragavan 

  1. Dr C P Thiagarajah

    As the way the governor is feeling for the Tamils he will be branded a racist by the Southern Sinhala racists headed by mass murderer Mahida Rajapakse and his packs of brothers and wolves like Weerawanse and Nanayakara.

  2. Dr C P Thiagarajah

    The main priority of Dr Rhagavan is to provide houses to those who lost their possessions during the war. Will he care to ask the Indian government to build those 50000 houses promised by Hon Prime minister Shri Modi. The Indian government is giving 13 billion dollars to Sri-Lanka. These 50000 houses are nothing. These houses will kick start the economy of the North and east.


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