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It is our duty to remember Maveerars who sacrificed their lives, says Mannar TC chairman

Mannar TC chairman , S.Gnanapragasam said that it is our duty to remember Maveerars who offered their lives as oblation in the fire of Liberation struggle for the Tamil people. They loved this soil and its people.

The Maveerar week for remembering Maveerars who laid their lives for the liberation of the Tamil people had commenced on the 21st of November and will conclude on 27th of November.

The 9th sitting of the Mannar TC was held on day before yesterday and the chairman said as above while delivering his Chairman’s address.

Elaborating further he said that Maveerars did not sacrifice their lives for them and their families.

They did not cared for either hot sun or pouring rain while fighting in the battle fronts for this soil and its people. It is our duty to remember them.

Political changes are occurring in the country. Two Prime Ministers are ruling in the country now. The parliament had become a jokers’ tent. However we will continue to serve people with the income of our TC, he said.

Following this the Maveerars were unanimously paid homage by the Members of the TC.