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Education Minister T.Kurukularajah takes over as Acting CM, other responsibilities taken over by Ainkaranesan

The Minister of Education of the NPC, T.Kurukularajah, has taken over as the Acting Chief Minister and the Minister of Agriculture, P.Ainkaranesan has taken over other responsibilities of the CM. Both of them were sworn in, by the Leader of the House, C.V.K.Sivagnnam.

In the context of the CM travelling UK, he has handed over his responsibilities to Ministers Kurukularajah and Ainkaranesan. Accordingly, Minister Kurukularajah will be the Acting CM and Minister of Provincial Planning and Law and Order.  Land, housing, Rehabilitation, Women’s Affairs, Industry, Industrial Development, and Tourism had been taken over by Ainkaranesan.

The Leader of the House has issued instructions that this arrangement will be in force till the CM returns to the country.