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Eelam Liberation Struggle : Sathiyaseelan Recalls: 08

In my last episode I have detailed about myself going to Kandy because of being searched by the police in connection with attempted murder of Thuraiappah , going from there to Colombo, staying there some time before returning back to Jaffna , about Prabaharan meeting me in Jaffna, and about holding a discussion in the house of Sivarajah in Kalviyankadu in May 1971, regarding what should be done in future.

Sivarajah’s elder brother had collected and kept copies of Reader’s Digest Magazine published in those days. In the Book Section of a 1965 issue, namely, “Is Paris Burning?” it was mentioned about the raw materials needed to manufacture “ Moltov Cocktail” or Petrol bomb.

petrol bombMolotov Cocktail is a Russian invention. Petrol and an inflammable liquid called ‘Motor oil’ are placed in a breakable bottle to manufacture it. If a little more powerful bomb is to be manufactured, instead of petrol, Carbon mono sulphite, and White Phosphorus with Sulphur could be used. Similarly Sulphuric Acid and Potassium Chloride also could be used .We used more Sulphuric Acid. This was used in the Spanish Civil War of 1936. Later in the 2nd World War ,several countries used it.

We discussed about how to make this petrol bomb and about our activities in the next stage, at the house of Sivarajah. We know what are raw materials but we did not know how to make the bomb. Several school youth who had studied science were with us. Sandrasegaram who studied at St. Patrick’s College discovered how to make the bomb using these raw materials. I will avoid describing how to make the bomb here.

We bought necessary raw materials within a few days, made a bomb, took it to the other side of Pannai bridge and tested it in an open space in Mandaitheevu. Our trial was successful. After we tried our hands in making more bombs. But we did not have any plan for attacks. We were keen on preparing us. We introduced some disciplinary methods and gave some training to the youth who were with us. These were not Arms training.

At this time Tharmalingam and Vetivelu, two famous doctors of Jaffna were mainly helping us with money.

Meanwhile, the attention of the police and army who had successfully suppressed the insurgency of the JVP, turned on us. They had arrested JVP leader Rohana Wijeyaweera and had him detained in Jaffna for some time. At the same time they took Sivakumaran to Anuradhapura and jailed him in the prison there. Every month they brought him to Jaffna for trial.

The police intensified their attempts to arrest me. Several police operatives in disguise were stationed for this. Particularly a Muslim police officer disguised as a Beeda sales man in the Jaffna Bus stand. These information were given to me by one Police Sargeant Markandu of Muthirai Chanthai, who was working with then SP, Suntharalingam.

The police expected that I will be moving around with youth in suit and coat. But I sometimes moved around in sarong or Verti and shawl. Hence they could not arrest me. But they continued their search for me. I realized that I could not hiding for long in Jaffna. I thought that it is better if I go to Tamil Nadu and temporarily live in hiding there for some time. I with Sothy Anna went from Valveddithurai by boat to India in 1971 July. Then I came back to Valveddithurai in November from Tamil Nadu.

Periyar_E__V__Ramasamy_Indian_Social_ReformerIn the few months I was in Tamil Nadu, I met some wonderful people. Important among them are, E.Ve.Ra Periyar, G.D.Nayudu (known as the wonder man of Tamil Nadu), Ma.Po.Sivagnaanam (The first speaker of Tamil Nadu Legislature) and the Editor of Murasoli Newspaper, Adiyar. I will write about the meetings with them in the next episode.

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