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Eelam Liberation Struggle – Sathiyaseelan Recalls : 11

Please forgive me for writing this impression after a long lapse. Because of several reasons I could not continue the writing of this article.

In the previous instalment, I wrote in detail regarding meeting E.Ve.Ra.Periyar in his office. After that we met G.D. Nayudu at his factory located in Koyamputhur. He was known as “ wonderful man” of Scientific and Technological sector in the History of Tamil Nadu. He had had only primary education. He was called as an Engineer and an Inventor. He has the distinction of discovering the first electric motor of India. He produced several things not only in Industrial Sector but also in Mechanical and Agricultural sector. This made him called “India’s Edison”.

G.D. Nayudu

G.D. Nayudu

We requested his help after explaining him the struggle we were pursuing. Particularly, we told him that we need Technical help and asked him whether he could make Walkie-Talkies for us. He agreed to that. He provided us with lunch and appreciated our attempts and send us off.

After this meeting we met in Chennai Ma.Po.Si, who was a hero of the Liberation Struggle and a good Tamil Scholar. He was the Leader of the Upper House then. His Party also was known as Thamilarasuk Kadchi.

Because of the expert knowledge he had on Chilapathikaram he was called “Chilampuch Chelvar”. He undertook struggles to change the name of “Madras State” to “Thamizhnadu State”. When the Indian states were divided on Language basis, the Andhra people asked for the “Madras Manathe” ie. Chennai, he fought against it and made Chennai the Capital of Thamizh Nadu.



He also struggled to attach Thiruvenkadam (Thirupathy) also with Thamizhakam. He was not successful in it. But because of that struggle Thiruthany was given to Thamizhakam. He further struggled to get Kumary district,Peermedu Thevikulam for ThamizhNadu. Although Kumary and Senkodai were given to Thamizhaham, Peermedu and Thevikulam attached to Kerala.

When we expressed our intention to him, first he scolded us. “ You are small boys. Give up these things. Politicians will look after it.”, he said. However we expressed to him about our efforts but left him without asking for any help.

After this we met Murasoli Adiyar in his Murasoly office. Murasoly Maran is the owner of the paper. At that time he was an MP in Delhi.When we went to that office, his Secretary Pandiyan was also in that office. But, met only Murasoly Adiyar. We told him the purpose of our  Armed struggle and requested him to provide us media support. He consented to our request and eagerly found out about our activities.

We had completed these four meetings within two weeks. For further meetings we had to stay for several days there. We did not have money for it. I returned to Trichy. Other three went to Colombo and from there to Jaffna. They went there and briefed the members of the Peravai  regarding our meetings.

I came to Thmizhnadu in July 1971 and I tried to go to Vaveddithurai by boat in September. But I was unable to make arrangements for my travel, I was able to go there only in the month of November. I went there in a Vallam brought in by one Kathiravelu from Valveddithurai.

I shall write in the next episode as to what sort action we were engaged as the next stage, after I going to Valveddithurai.

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