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Election Department Official, Prof. Ratnajeevan Cool working against us, says Manivannan, Mayoral Candidate

The Government has put the government mechanism in full for defeating the Tamil National Council. The officials of the Election Commission themselves are working against us. The Government has made a person who has written several political articles in support of TNA, a member of the Election Commission. The task given to him is to find out what our party is doing and putting obstacles in our  path, accused  V.Manivannan, the Mayoral Candidate of Tamil National Council.

The Election Manifesto of the Tamil National Council was made public yesterday at around 10.00 a.m. yesterday  at the Ilank Kalaignar Manram, Nallur. Speaking there Manivannan made the above accusations.

Elaborating further he said, if the Government Machinery is being used against us so as that a certain faction should not be defeated, it means that a certain faction that was winning so far is closer to the Government. It is a faction that is safeguarding the Government. A ban was imposed on Meeting led by the CM, because crisis is encountered by the faction safeguarding the Government.

The Government and the Election Commission are acting in a partial way , in attempting to curtail us to the courts.

He also warned that, attack us till 2018 February 10th, from 11th of February attack on you will commence. Be ready to face it.