Tamil Diplomat

Election fever -North

  • Nobody can stop our assured victory:Kaneswaran,Tnd.Gp. 6
  •  We should provide the strength to get the solution to the problems of the people:Dr.Sivasangar , UNP.
  •  Mahindha is waiting to push Tamil people in to turmoil:Wijeyakala Maheswaran, UNP
  •  Elect honest people:V.A Jeysangari –  Ind. Gp. Vanni.
  •  We act unitedly to strengthen the hands of the President:Ankajan Ramanathan, UPFA.
  •  The TNA will definitely get the bargaining power: Basheer Segu Dawood, SLMC.
  •  Tamils know very well the difference between Geneva and New York:Sumanthiran, TNA
  •  Gajendrakumar campaigned for Mahintha in the Presidential Election:Mawai, TNA.
  •  TNA will win all seats:Sritharan, TNA.
  •  Don’t lose your identity by voting to UNP:Ankajan, UPFA.