Tamil Diplomat

Election Fever – North

  • We need diplomatic approach,Southern Government will not give solutions:Saravanapawan, TNA
  • Ranil’s actions aimed at destroying Tamils:Ankajan Ramanathan, UPFA.
  • Tamils need Sumanthiran now:Sampanthan,TNA
  •  Sampanthan accepted Provincial Council after the demise of Tigers:Attorny at Law V.Manivannan, TNPF
  •  Some evil forces are trying disturb the peaceful polling in the North:CAFFE
  •  People should exclude and side line those who are cheating the people:Chandrakumar, EPDP.
  •  Our aim is to raise the livelihood of women and make a bright future to them: Former Jaffna mayor Yogeswary Patkunarasa, EPDP.
  •  Tamils need powers:Democratic Militants.