Tamil Diplomat

Election fever: North

  • Vote for TNA-University Students Federation, University of Jaffna.
  •  TNA will create a record.-Sampanthan.
  • We  will never accept Minister portfolios-Mawai, TNA
  •  Intrigue to weaken the political strength of Tamils, Vote for TNA and defeat it-Sitharththan
  • Sritharan who demanded nationalism now raise captious arguments-Kajendran,NTPF
  • Minister Rishad violating Election Laws-Sivasakthi Ananthan
  • Don’t forget that, Votes Casted for betel are votes casted for Mahindha-Kaneswaran, Ind.Gp.6
  • Can Ankajan publish the list people he had given Employment-Saravanapavan, TNA
  • Tamil People should get ready for another Political Revolution-Sumanthiran, TNA
  • Singleton parties in election to break the strength of Tamil-University Teachers Association, Jaffna.