Tamil Diplomat

Election Fever – North – D-day + 5

* Only we should decide our political power: Sritharan, TNA

* TNA had demanded Autonomy in North and East: Mawai, TNA

* A time will when the Mulliwaikal genocide is accountable: Gajendrakumar ponnambalam.

* TULF is committed to dedicated service: Vicknarasa, Candidate, TULF.

*People will win on 17th: Chandrakumar, EPDP

* People’s lands belong to people…No change in our stance: Doughlas Devananda, EPDP

* The country needs people who speak, understanding the hearts and problems of people:  Ankajan, UPFA

*State employees should vote to become partners in the government: Wijekala Maheswaran, UNP

* UNP Organiser for Jaffna, Thiyagarajah Thuvaraheswaran enlarged on 2million bail.