Tamil Diplomat

Election Fever – North East – at D-day + 11

*Postal Voting 90% in North and East, 97% in Kilinochchi.

* Chance to reach solution if this government last in power: Mawai

* Tamil Loose parties will be defeated: Sampanthan in Trincomalee.

* Democratic Militants will join us:  C.V.K. Sivgnanam.

* Are we cursed people , just because we were born in Jaffna?: V.kaneswaran, Ind. Gp.6

* We are not against the TNA:  Vidyatharan opens his mind

* We are acting according to plans to solve problems of Tamil People: Douglas Devananda, EPDP.

* If people will accept TNA manifesto and vote for us, the Government will be compelled to accept Federal Solution: Sursh Premachandran, TNA

* Identify honest and efficient politicians: PathminiSithambaranathan,  TNPF