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Election round up – North

*Tamil nation with antiquity and civilization had declined and lay ruined; Pathmini Sithambaranathan –  TNPF

*We will rally as a peoples’ movement and win :  Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam – TNPF

*Rule against people in North and East:  Era. Selvavadivel- EPDP

*Tamil Nationalism and Tamil leadership is not the legacy of one gang : A.N.Rasenthiran –Ind.Gp.2

*We will serve our people from SLFP: Ankajan Ramanathan:  UPFA

*Only the development with right self determination will give prosperity : S.Siritharan – TNA

*People should come forward to send to parliament those who fight for them : Dr.S.Sivamohan – TNA

*Women should rise like a “PONGU THAMIL” and make concrete contributions:  Rajkumar Sivarathy – TNPF (Vanni)