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EPDP abandoned in the appointment of member to the NPC

The SLFP had appointed S.Akilathas to the vacancy occurred by Ankajan being elected to Parliament through national list.

Earlier on the results of PC election Ankajan and Kamalendran were appointed on behalf of UPFA. Later the current Leader of the Opposition Thavarasa took the place of Kamlendran.

Although several EPDP were leading in Optional Votes S.Akilathas, who is in the 9th spot had been appointed to the vacancy created by Ankajan.

Optional Vote positions are shown below:

Sri Rangeswaran – EPDP            – 5,462 votes

Soosaimuthu(Charles ) –EPDP   -4,666 votes

Balakrishnan Sivaguru – EPDP  – 4,611 votes

Siras Mohamed                                 – 3,323 votes

A.Augustin                                        – 2,489 votes

S.Akilathas  – SLFP                        – 2,482 votes

SLFP had appointed their member,  S.Kamalathas over the shoulders of members of EPDP who had polled more votes. Observers say that this is a sign of SLFP sideling EPDP.