Wednesday 30 September 2020
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“EROS Arullar” breaths his last

“EROS Arullar” breaths his last

A pioneer of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle, E. Arulpragasam alias ‘EROS Arullar’ expired yesterday.

It is notable that Arullar is one of the founder members of the EROS movement. Being sick for sometime he died while being treated at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

A senior militant of the Tamil Eelam liberation Struggle , he was instrumental in housing Tamil people affected in the 1977 Race riots against the Tamils, and sending them to Jaffna in a ship named ‘ Lanka Rani’ .  Later he wrote a novel titled “ Lanka Rani” with the events of 1977 as its background.

All the pioneers of the Tamil Eelam had stayed and obtained Military training in the property of Arullar’s family in Kannaddy. Leader of the Liberation Tigers, Prabhakaran also had stayed in this property for a long time.

After migrating abroad in 1980s, Arullar returned to the country after the end of the war and settled in Jaffna.

After homage paying in Jaffna today his remains will be taken to Vavuniya for the last rites.

He is also the father of the musician M.I.A. and the jewellery designer Kali Arulpragasam.

The Tamil Diplomat  joins in paying its homage to this Pioneer Militant.

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