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It is essential that we document our hereditary evidences, says the VC ,University of Jaffna

The Archeological evidences discovered at Kaddukkarai kulam are our hereditary evidences. We should discover matters regarding,  who are we and what are our foundations, document them and preserve them. This responsibility lies with Professor Pushparatnam, University of Jaffna, The Arts Faculty and the Archeological Department, said the Vice Chancellor of University of Jaffna, Mrs.Vasanthy Arasaratnam.

The publication of  the magazine, ” Thedal – 2″ (The Search – 2) and exhibition of archeological evidence recovered at Kaddukkaraikulam were held by the Students of the Archeological Department.Elaborating further she said, Questions are being raised as to Who are We?, From where did we come?, When did we come?, Which is our culture?, What is our civilization?.Archeological researches are essential for us. The University of Jaffna will support the preservation of our heredity.The Magazine Thedal which is published after 8 years interval should be published annually, she said.


kattukkaraikulam-2 pushparatnam