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EU ban due to mistakes of former govt and fishermen suffer: Anura

JVP Leader Anura Dissanayake has cahred that Lankan fishermen suffer due to the EU ban due to the mistakes of the former regimes being deaf to the UN warnings.

He was speaking in Parliament on the Bill presented by Fisheries Minister Joseph Michael Perera. He said:

‘Nearly 600,000 people are directly involved in the fisheries sector. Their families too are dependent on this sector. Therefore, about 2.6 million people, one eighth of the population of the country, are dependent on the fisheries sector.

The EU ban directly affects these fishing families. The EU since 2010, warned of the impending ban, but the then government failed to take necessary measures to avoid the ban. The EU initially provided one year’s grace period and then extended it further for another 3 months. On November 15, 2012, the EU presented eight conditions and asked the government to conform with the standards. The former government turned a deaf ear to the warning, while its international relations were an utter flop. The poor and innocent fishermen had to suffer due to the mistakes of the former government.