Monday 28 September 2020
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Evidence recovered in Mannar indicate Stone age people lived 1,600 years ago

Evidence recovered in Mannar indicate Stone age people lived 1,600 years ago

The Archaeological faculty of Jaffna University said yesterday that traces and pot shred has been found in Mannar, indicating the Stone age people lived there 1,600 years ago.

They also said that, they were able to see , parts of worshiped deities such as, Iyanar,Sivan, Vel, Soolum and Lingam.

These archeological remains were found near Kuruwil spill area, near Kaddukarai Kulam, in Mathottam in Mannar, they said.

The Archaeological surveys were already undertaken twice in the said area and this time 22 student and 2 lecturers from the faculty engaged in finding these remains.

Among the artifacts recovered this time are, baked clay beads, parts of horses and elephants, parts of Sivalingams, and worshiped deities.

We have identified that there are remains available near the tank and along the bund, for 2 kilometers. We think that, even inside the tank also artifacts may be found for an area 2 km. long. The above baked clay pot shreds were recovered from three pits excavated outside the Tank. These were evidence of Aiyanar worship.

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