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Evil forces attempting to disrupt education in the North : CM, NPC

The Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council, C.V.Wigneswaran accused yesterday that, unwanted evil forces are intensively attempting to disrupt the education of the Northern students. Although the police and groups of people are trying to eliminate them, some of the students and some conspiring mobs are continuing their attempts he said.

He said so participating as the chief guest in the Prize Giving of the Vasavilan Sri Velupillai MV and  while delivering his Chief Guest address.

He also insisted that, it is essential that the students should avoid getting familiar with previously unknown persons, accepting gifts and food items from strangers. You strictly tell your children not to accept food items or gifts from strangers.

Today, the time has changed. Selfishness is waggling  its head. ‘How to rob something from others’  has become the norm of the day. In such a context, we should travel the path of hope with much care. We should think  ‘what is he expecting from me?’, ‘why he is behaving in this manner with me?’ , he said.