Tamil Diplomat

Evil forces attempting to disturb Education in the North: Warns Tamil Teachers’ Association

Evil Forces are attempting to disturb Education in the North. We cannot allow this, said the General Secretary of Ceylon Tamil Teachers’ Association, Sara. Puvaneswaran.

Clarifying further he said that, a majority race oriented trade union which has no teacher membership in the North is poking its nose into transfers of Principals, Teachers and Secretary, and trying to disturb Education in the North. They demanded the transfer of Secretary of the Ministry of Education of  NPC.

They are preventing the transfers made with the consent of the teachers and with the welfare of the students in view to fill the vacancies that occur when teachers are transferred from Jaffna peninsula to Vanni.

The Jaffna Zonal Education Office is making transfers in a regular way to fill the Vacancies that occurred in Jaffna Peninsula, with suitable teachers. Our teachers are also accepting and acting accordingly. Hence we cannot allow these kinds of unions to act in a way, disgracing the  services of these teachers.