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Ex-militant released under presidential Pardon pay homage to student Senthran at his home

Sivarasa Genevan who was released under the general amnesty granted by the president visited the home of the student Mayuran who sacrificed his life  calling for the release of TPPs, and conversed with the father and relatives of the student.

Genevan who came to Jaffna yesterday morning and first went to the home of Mayuran in Kopay, paid homage to Mayurn and conversed with the parents and relatives of Mayuran. Incidently it was the 45th day of Mayuran’s death. Then only he went to his own home.

After visiting Mayuran’s home, Genevan talked to media and said that he visited the home of Mayuran according to the wish of all  TPPs and  mine. The TPPs wanted me to inform people that releases coming through such sacrifices will only leave them with guilty conscious for the rest of our lives. Coming here is not my own decision. All the TPPs wanted me to go here. We pay our homage to Senthuran  who had sacrificed his life for us, he said.