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Excessive military presence in Mulaitheevu District: Woman-Leadership families in fear

Excessive number of army personnel are present in Mullaitheevu District and the due to this the woman-leadership families are still have to live in fear, said  Kathirselvam Karunanithy, the Representative of the Mulaitheevu District Amara Woman Leadership families.

The National Conference on Woman Leadership Families, Empowering Woman Leadership Families and the progressing path of reconciliation was held yesterday in the Jaffna Tilko Hotel and Karunanithy said so, delivering his speech on a theme of “Security of Woman  Leadership.”

Elaborating further he said,  As far as Mulaitheevu District is concerned the woman leadership families have no secure and permanent residences. Even now several such families are living in temporary houses. A family with 5 daughters is living in unsecure temporary house. Those houses given under housing scheme are remaining without doors and windows, due to the inability of the families to complete the work.

When travelling to and fro to police stations which have the duty of protecting these people, sexual threats are leveled at them. We are encountering several problems such taking anonymous call, identifying and stopping WLF while travelling on Motor cycles, etc. We feel that the WLF are being pushed into a insecure circumstance. We all should act with consideration to Woman Leadership families.