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Expel Southern fishermen catching beach de mer in Vadamaradchchi East, orders Kilinochchi Judge Kanesharajah

The Kilinochchi Judge Kanesarajah has ordered yesterday, Tuesday that, the South Sri Lankan  fishermen who have put up Vadis illegally in Vadamaradchchi East and catching beach de mers.

Cases were filed in Kilinochchi by Maruthankerny Divisional Secretariat against 8 Southern companies who had illegally put up Vadis in Vamaradchchi East. The Judgment of the case was delivered yesterday, Tuesday.

The Southern companies which have illegally pitched Vadis on state lands will not get out, action will be taken to expel them making a complaint with the Police, said the Divisional Secretary, Maruthankerny.

The local fishermen were affected badly by the southern fishermen fishing in the Vamaradchchi seas. Vadamaradchchi fishermen undertook several struggles in the past to expel the southern fishermen. Consequent to their opposition the Divisional Secretary had filed a case in this regard, three months ago, and the judgment had been delivered now.

The Vadamaradchchi Fishermen has said that a solution had dawned on their problem.