Tamil Diplomat

Explanation regarding land assurance needed & Camps cannot be closed without settling people in their own lands

Explanation should be given to people regarding assurance letters promising lands to be given, said the President of Resettlement group, A.Kunabalasingam.

Elaborating further, he said that nothing had been said about where they should settle in the pledge letter handed over by the District Secretary to the landless people in the welfare centres. People who have their own lands in Vali-North. Where are you trying to settle them? You cannot close any welfare centre without settling them in their own lands.

Fishermen should be settled near sea coasts and farmers in agricultural lands.

If you settle fishermen in the lands of Cement Corporation, do they have to fish in the pits where stones were mined? Don’t waste state money. Myliddy people should be settled in Myliddy. These hasty decisions had confused the people.

Hence, the people’s representatives and the relevant state officers should provide proper solutions to these people and clear their confusions, he said.