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Extending 769 route from KKS Junction to newly released Urany area

The Bus services plying in route 769 on Jaffna –   KKS road are terminating their services with the KKS Railway station. They do not serve, newly released stretch from KKS Railway Station to Urany harbour, on Point Pedro – KKS road, a distance of around 2 kilometres.

Earlier, another route 769/1 was in operation which went through Mavidapuram to Urany junction.

Commuters in the newly released areas of Urany, Thaiyiddy and other areas closer to the 2 Km. stretch are badly affected by this non availability of bus services. They have to trek the 2 Kms. to catch a bus at KKS junction.

CTB and Private Bus owners said that they are not in possession of route permits to extend services to Urany Junction. This is a very trifle matter which could be solved very easily.

The people of the area said that extending the services will make this somewhat abandoned place into busily used area and they further said that if the services are extended it will serve as catalyst for further release of lands nearby.

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