Tamil Diplomat

External Affairs Minister seeks ties with US

External Afairs Minister Mangala Samaraweera has observed that Sri Lanka seeks ties with US. He made this observation ahead of his meeting with US top diplomat John Kerry in Washington on Thursday.

 Samaraweera said ‘ The new government seeks to revive and strengthen the very strong bonds we have had with the United States for several decades. Of course relations have been somewhat strained over the last few years. And my job, I feel, is to ensure that we put back our relations to an irreversible state of excellence in the coming months. Ffor the new administration, the United States of America is not a threat but a great opportunity.”

Welcoming Samaraweera, Kerry satted that he praises Sri Lanka for it’s historic election in which there has really been a vote for change. The elections were “a vote to move Sri Lanka in a new direction, to open up greater accountability, possibility for the preservation of human rights and democracy, fighting corruption and putting together a government that will speak for and to the people,”.