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Extreme cold accompanying Cyclone Nada wracked the Jaffna Peninsula after 35 years

After 35 years extremely cold weather prevailed in the Jaffna Peninsula yesterday. The cold was caused by the cyclone Nada, said N.Pratheebarajah, the senior Lecturer Geography Department, Jaffna University.

Although several cyclones were experienced in the past this kind cold weather was never experienced and the extreme cold indicates the changes that had occurred in the Weather, he said.

Extreme cold was experience throughout the Northern Province right from the early hours of yesterday.

The temperature normally rides between 28oC and 31oC. But yesterday the average temperature in Jaffna was 20oC and 21oC at Kilinochchi, Vavuniya and Vavuniya with Mannar experiencing 22oC.

When the Senior Lecturer of the Geography Department of the University of Jaffna, N.Pratheeparajah contacted over the extreme cold experienced, he said that the Nada Cyclone is the reason for the cold weather and the Rain clouds are preventing the rays of the sun.

Although the recorded temperature in Jaffna is 20oC, the cold we are experiencing much more than that. The Relative Humidity of Jaffna is prevailing at 98. The cold Temperature is experienced due to reduced temperature, increased relative humidity and the strong winds. This the lowest in 35 years he said.