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Ezhilan , Inparuthy and several others were handed over to the Army in front of Fr.Francis: New witness emerges as woman testify

The wife of LTTE member “Ruban Mama” alias Suntharam Premathasa testified before the President’s Commission as Follows:

” At the end of the war My husband, children and I went into Army control area through Vadduvagal bridge.Fr. Francis talked to the Army and took several hundred people including Ezhilan, Inparuthy, Rajah Master, Inpam and my husband. Their families also went with them. We were loaded into buses and taken away . On the way the mother in law of Illamparuthy was made to get down from the bus.

This is what happened. What happened to the people taken in the buses ? Why was Illamparuthy’s Mother in Law was put down on the way? To kill the others?, she asked.

 In the context of very few witnesses had come forward testify about the Fr.Francis – buses – surrendered  incident including Ezhilan’s wife Ananthy, the above testimony is considered to be of much importance.