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” EZHUKA THAMIZH” is the confluence of the struggles of all Tamils, points out the Civil Society

The Federation of Civil Societies said yesterday that they see the Ezhuka Thamizh as the confluence of individual struggles undertaken by Tamil people, but the politicians and the civil societies of the south are ridiculing it, like the racist organizations like Bothu Bala Sena, without finding out whether the demands of Ezhuka Thamizh are justifiable or not.

The Joint spokespersons of the Federation, Ezhilrajan and K. Guruparan held a media conference at the Jaffna Press Club Yesterday.

They further said that the government which agreed for a mixed investigation mechanism for the war crimes, now say that the people will decide it. Tamil people have clearly told the opinion finding committee that they do not want Internal Mechanism and want International Mechanism. The president has not listened to the Tamil people. The consultative task forces are operated to “eye wash” for International Community. The same thing happened in the setting up of the office for the missing persons. This is going to happen in the matter of making of the Constitution.

Several criticisms are put forward regarding the Ezhuka Thamizh held with the unprecedented cooperation of Tamil People. While some express opinions that  time is not conducive for Rally others try to condemn the CM. These people should find out whether the demands put forward by the people are justifiable or not.

The South which did not object when the TNA announced the same demands in their Election Manifesto is criticizing the Ezhuka Thamizh presenting the same demands. While the South is trying to give priority to Buddhism, it is appropriate that the Tamil people  got together in un precedent  numbers  and placed forward their demands, they said.