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Ezhuka Thamizh is for demanding appropriate acceptance to Thamizh and Thamizh speaking people : CM

The Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council and a Co-Chair of the Tamil Peoples’ Council, C.V.Wigneswaran said that the Ezhuka Thamizh Rally is being held on forthcoming 10th in Batticaloa, to demand appropriate acceptance to Thamizh and Thamizh speaking people.

In a press release he has said thus:

  • My dear brothers and sisters of the East!
  • You all know that Ezhuka THamizh is to visit East. I hereby invite all Thamizh speaking people to participate in the procession from Kallady Bridge of Batticalo to Navatkudah Vivekananda play ground, to be held on 10th morning.
  • My invitation is not on any party basis. Not religiously based. Not racially based. Our Rally was named to establish the Tamil – Muslim brotherhood through their common language Thamizh.
  • There was a time when more than 85% of Thamizh speaking people in the Eastern Province. But now 1/3  is transgressed by Sinhala. Lands have been robbed. Arts have been destroyed. Culture has gone to the dogs. Ezhuka Sinhala has transgressed and occupied east now. Ezhuka Thamizh has risen and coming here to find a dawn at least now to the so far oppressed Thamizh speaking people.
  • The conflict between Tamil and Muslim people were instituted recently , not existing from all along.The unity of Thamizh speaking Hindu, Muslim and Christian people can only stop the surge of Ezhuka Sinhala.
  • We are pursuing the Merger of North Eastern Provinces to ensure the protection of all Thamizh speaking people. All Thamizh speaking people think that the Federal solution is the best. However, due to the past situations the Muslim people are not firm in this.
  • Whether it is the TNA or the TPC, they have always expressing their support for a separate political unit for muslim people.
  • Although it is realized by all that it is essential to keep in record that the North and East were Thamizh speaking provinces. But, suspicions and doubts keep people from rallying together. Ezhuka Thamizh is for rectifying these short comings, he has said.