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‘Ezhuka Thamizh’ to be held in Canada tomorrow in solidarity with Homeland Tamils  

The Ezhuka Thamizh peoples’ rally is to be held in Canada tomorrow, in solidarity with the Homeland Tamils who had organised the grand ‘Ezhuka Thamizh’ last weekend, for condemning the oppression on Tamil people and to show the Sri Lankan state and the International Community the necessity of granting the rights of the Tamil people, under the aegis of Tamil People’s Council.

Tomorrow’s ‘Ezhuka Thamizh’ in Canada will start at Albert Campbell Square (Scarborough Town Center) at 5p.m.

The organizers have arranged shuttle bus services, for those who are looking for transportation and are residing in the Brampton Mississauga areas.

Below are the scheduled bus services:

Brampton bus: Colombia video and Asiyan Cash and carry at 3:30

Mississauga bus: Akshayas fashion & Meenatchi take out at 3:30