Friday 25 September 2020
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Ezhuka Thamizh – sans  Party Discrimination  – As voice of Tamils Rights

Ezhuka Thamizh – sans  Party Discrimination  – As voice of Tamils Rights

The Ezhuka Thamizh  people’s  rally to be held on 24th, Saturday, under the aegis of  Tamil People’s Council  seems to be gaining momentum with several public organizations publicly announcing their support and putting out calls for all people support the Rally without party discrimination.

A Media Conference was held yesterday at the Kalaithoothu hall to explain about the Ezhuka Thamizh  Rally, organized by the Tamil People’s Council,  its purpose and  the arrangements for it.

In this discussion presided by one of the Co-Chairs  of the Council, Dr. P.Luxman, Members of the Clergy, TPC Members, representatives of the people, members of political parties, public Organizations, and Associations participated  and pledged their support.

The Rally is held in protest of and demanding or to stop:

* Planned Sinhala Colonization

* Establishing Buddhist temples and symbols in areas where no Sinhalese or Buddhists live, in an
attempt to create Buddhist – Sinhalese domination in Tamil areas.

* Occupation lands by the Army and to demand release of  them to the legitimate owners.

* To demand immediate resettlement of displaced people.

* To demand full information on missing persons.

* Unconditional release of Tamil Political Prisoners.

* To give a permanent solution to problems faced by Tamil people.

This historical rally will start 9.00 a.m. , in two places , viz.  In front Nallur Temple and in front of University of Jaffna, join together at Illuppaiyady  junction and proceed through KKS road to Jaffna esplanade, where several declarations will be made.

It is notable that although TNA and the Chamber of Commerce have announced that they will not take part in the Rally, EPDP and TULF had pledged their support.

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