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Fake IT officer from Karnataka seizes Rs 1.5 lakh, lands in jail

A man posing as an IT official and who was conducting raids in Karnataka has been arrested. The Hubbali police arrested Shivanand Bhajantri after it was found that he had conducted raids posing as an Income Tax officer.

Also known as Ramachandra Bhajantri, he has also posed as a spy, a police and revenue official. The police say that he had tried to scare many rich persons under the pretext that he would conduct a raid at their homes. On Wednesday, Bhajantri along with his three accomplices visited the house of Basavaraj Poojar claiming to be IT officials. They conducted a search and seized Rs 1.5 lakh. He also warned Poojar of more raids. The police also say that he had been threatening sand truck owners and extorted money from them. He however fell into a trap when one of the sand truck owners asked him to meet a certain place. He had already taken Rs 60,000 from the truck owner and wanted more. When he went to meet him at a particular location, little did he realise that the police too were waiting for him. He showed the police an identification card which mentioned him as an IT official. The police however smelt a rat and arrested him. During interrogation, he confessed to his many crimes. After Bhajantri was arrested, Poojar had visited the police station to file a complaint. He was shocked to see Bhajantri out there. The police are now looking for his other accomplices.(ONE INDIA,2016)