Tuesday 19 November 2019
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Family man killed by elephant in Vadamaradchchi!!

Family man killed by elephant in Vadamaradchchi!!

An elephant which had suddenly appeared in the Vadamaradchchi East Division of the Jaffna District had killed a family man and two others were injured in its horrible attack and hospitalized.

The area people were much terrorized by the attack of the Elephant. They said that they spent the night wide awake with their peace of mind lost completely. People had observed the movement of the elephant yesterday at Uduthurai Aliyawalai area. They had lighted large fire and had safeguarded them. The elephant then had moved towards Maruthankerny  junction.

Yesterday morning the elephant had moved along Maruthankerny – Uduthurai road. One person who had gone to this area and was attacked by the elephant. But he had miraculously escaped .

Later when 4 of the village people went to this area. The elephant had attacked one of them suddenly and the others had run for their lives. When they went back to search for the person who was attacked earlier the elephant attacked and two of them were injured. They could not search for the attacked person because of movement of the elephant was moving around the area. They were able to go the spot at around 1p.m., when they were able to recover the body of the person who  was killed by the elephant, Sittampalam Sathiyaseelan (aged 54 years), a father of 4 children. Murugathas (32) and Gnanakumar( 30) were injured.

The Officials said that the elephant may have come in here from Kilinochchi. But the elders of the area said that they have not heard such an incident for the last 70 years. They have robbed our lands in the guise of establishing bird sanctuary and had deliberately brought in to drive us further away.

This is a plausible story because during the last maha season, Batticaloa/ Unnichchai farmers complained about a herd of 25 elephants were released in their area by long caged vehicles.

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