Tamil Diplomat

Fast by political prisoners; Wigneswaran writes to President

Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneswaran has written to Presdient Sirisena on the fast undertaken by political prisoners and urged that problem of the political prisoners is a human issue and must be treated with compassion.

He urged Sri Lankan president, Maithripala Sirisena to ensure that Tamil detainees at Magazine prison who had launched a hunger strike demanding their release were not harmed by prison officials as has occurred routinely in the past.
He also stated that the prisoners are staging a fast today to register their protest at their prolonged imprisonment. There is concern that the fast may be violently dealt with by prison officers, as has happened in the past.
He added that the problem is a human issue that should be dealt with compassion and empathy, given the number of years that these unfortunate human beings have been kept incarcerated without trial.

He concluded that he believed that if we could take steps to give those unfortunate persons the assurance that steps would be taken in respect of their cases within a specified period of time they would be satisfied.