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If the fast continues today, condition of 4 fasters will worsen, doctors warn, One admitted to hospital yesterday evening

The doctors who examined the fast-unto-death protesters yesterday evening warned that if the fast is continued today condition of 4 fasters will get worsened.  Meanwhile, a woman participant of the fasting was admitted to Vavuniya Hospital yesterday evening.

16 members of the Society for finding out persons handed over and had gone missing in the motherland, started a fast-unto death protest last Tuesday in Vavuniya town. They continued their fast for the third day yesterday, going without water and in the middle of the pouring rain. The support of People and public organizations have increased yesterday.

The doctors from Vavuniya hospital who examined the protesters yesterday evening, said that the condition of 4 fasters as very bad. Their condition will be worsened if the fast is continued today. The protesters are staying in the shed in Vavuniya town and continuing their protest.

The condition of Shanmugam Sarogini got worsened yesterday and she was admitted to hospital in the evening.