Sunday 20 January 2019
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Fasting TPPs meet more disappointment

Fasting TPPs meet more disappointment

Although the President has returned from Quatar no solution has been provided to the problem of the fasting Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs). No announcement has been made regarding this today (28th )

Three TPPs commenced a fasting protest demanding their case be not be transferred from the Vavuniya court, from the 23rd of last month.

Large scale struggles have been undertaken all over North and East, and in Colombo by public Organization.

As an extension to these struggle the relatives of the TPPS and Jaffna University students had met the president separately, and placed requests on behalf of the TPPs.

The president asked for time till last Wednesday to discuss with AG and give a solution.

However, even after 3 days have passed after the deadline of the President, no firm reply had been received from him the TPPs, students and the relatives have been disappointed.

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