Thursday 6 August 2020
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Fasting TPPs refuse to take medicine- Fast enters its third week

Fasting TPPs refuse to take medicine- Fast enters its third week

The TPPs, who are on a fast for last two weeks demanding their speedy release. have refused to take medicines from yesterday.

10 TPPs who have gone into fasting protest from 14th have from yesterday refused to take any medicine.

Although they have completed their 16th day of their fasting, no positive response has been shown by the Government. Arrested 9 years ago under  ‘notorious’  PTA, these 10 TPPs have been detained for 9 years now, without proper inquiries or charges. Any charges that could be made against them could be done solely on the basis of their ‘extracted’ confessions which are liable to be thrown away by the courts, as several other confessions, which have been thrown out by various courts.

Although Tamil politicians had visited them and promised that they will speak to the government and obtain a solution for them, nothing of any sort had happened.

It is notable that NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaqran had written a letter to the president querying whether the TPPS are kept as hostages to save the army from investigations.

The TPPs who have let them be treated at prison hospital have declined to take any medicine from today. Reliable sources said that the TPPs are very weak and some untoward incident occur very soon.

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