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Fatal torture on suspect – 8 Police Officers ordered to be present in High Court

Summons were issued by the HC judge, Illancheliyan on 8 police officers who are accused of torturing to death a suspect detained in 2011 had been ordered to appear in High Court on 22nd of this month, yesterday.

Sriskantharasa Sumanan was arrested with several others on 2011 November 25, on suspicion of distributing school exercise books to school children to commemorate Maveerar Day. Later the charge was filed as theft. The 8 officers had tortured the sumanan to deathe and threw the body into iranaimadu and later converted it to a suicide. When the theft case came up for trial the other suspects revealed that Sumanan was tortured to death, it is reported.

The report of the inquiries made by Special crime branch was submitted Attorney General. Following this,  a case had been filed by the Attorney General in the HC accusing the police officers of Torture under section 2 of  Torture Act no.22 of 1994

Police Officers, Dissanayake Mudiyansalage Chanthaka Nishantha Priya Bandara, Gnnalingam Mayuran, Pathinathan Devathayalan, Rajapakse Muthiyansalage Sanjeeva Rajapakse, Konegalage Jayantha, Weerasinghe thoraiyalage Hemachandra Wijesinghe, Wijayaratnam Kobikrishnan, and Hewage Wijayasinghe had been accused with torturing and murdering a detained suspect, Sumanan.

As per the request of the prosecutor, Nagaratnam Nishanthan, HC Judge, Ilancheliyan issued summons on the 8 suspects.