Thursday 9 July 2020
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Fate of Burgers to Tamils if North and East does not Merge: CM, C.V.Wigneswaran

Fate of Burgers to Tamils if North and East does not Merge: CM, C.V.Wigneswaran

The fate of the Burger people will befall Tamil people if the North and East are not merged. Any solution without the merger of North and East will be detrimental to Tamil Speaking people. Buddhist Sinhala people will gain dominance, said the NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

In his usual weekly Question – Answer  press release  answering a question, ” In a context where your stance that the North and East should be merged is vexing the Muslim and Sinhalese Leaders, is it possible to find a solution to ethnic problem bypassing that?, he has said as above.

The basic reason for the ethnic problem is the that the Sinhalese Leaders, taking  possession of powers and enacting laws against other races.  Attempts were made to make this country a Buddhist country, not accepting that this is a multi racial, multi linguistic and multi religious country. History was published in a distorted version.

Decrease in number 

Due to the lowest reproduction rate among the races, of the Tamil people, our number had began to fall in stages. If the Northern and Eastern Tamils continue to live separated for another 25 years, the fate of the burgers will befall them. Most of our people will  go away and the remaining people will be assimilated into the Majority race. Only the merger will give us strength.

Merger cannot be achieved without the cooperation of the Muslim people through separate non-uniform unit for them. In the context where the current Muslim leaders are living outside N&E, merger will not be welcome in their own electorates. Hence, they will oppose the merger.

The right to determine our future should be given to us.

Whether it vexes some people or not, there is nothing wrong in insisting on a path suitable for our security and continuous existence here. If we seek a solution without the merger, it will entail the destruction of our race, he had said.

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