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Father arrested for trying to lit fire by pouring kerosene on children

On 07.05.2015 night the Bogawantalawa police arrested a father residing in Vanakadu Estate in the Upcountry of Bogawantalawa for trying to set fire to the two children by pouring kerosene.

The mother of the children is working as housemaid in Malaysia. She has been working there for four months onwards. During the initial inquiry it has been come to know that he tried to kill the children by pouring kerosene on them.

The two children one 8 year old and other 4 year old rescued by the police has been admitted at the Bogawantalawa hospital. There was injures seen on the right leg of the 8 year old boy. According to the statement given by the  8 year old boy, on 07.05.2015 night his father took them inside a room and attempted to set fire by pouring kerosene on them. Hearing the screaming of the children the neighbours came for their rescue.

Similarly, last month also the father tried to set fire by pouring kerosene on them. The Bogawantalawa police said that they have produced in front of the Hatton Magistrate Court.