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Ferocious attack on Kaddaikadu Fishermen by Indian Fishermen: Local fishermen warns self-immolation

Three fishermen from Kaddaikadu were seriously injured when Trangressing Indian Fishermen Ferociously attacked local fisher ii the mid-sea. Their Fibre glass boats were also damaged in this attack. This incident had occurred in high seas at around 10.00 a.m. yesterday. The confrontation occurred for about one and a half hours, said the fishermen returning from sea.

The Kaddaikadu fishermen told local media men that, at a certain stage, the Indian fishermen threw petrol bombs to attack them.

They accused that, the negligence of the Navy to stop Indian Fishermen is causing the problems. Further they also said that the Sri Lanka Navy was just watching the melee without taking any action to it.

They lamented that their nets are being damaged by the Indian fishermen with yesterday’s damages totalling to around Rs.700,000/=.

The confrontation had occurred when local fishermen went in search of nets damaged in the previous week. Indian fishermen had come well prepared and attacked us with stones and lead balls and at one stage they threw petrol bombs at us.

The TNA parliamentarian Premachandran immediately visited the affected fishermen and consoled them. He said that he had informed the Indian consulate regarding this attack. At one stage the fishermen said that, if the Sri Lankan Navy continues its negligence they will self-immolate themselves.