Tamil Diplomat

Fight with confidence in a Democratic way, Voice yours…Pressure ours, says the US Envoy

While saying that the Tamil people had to fight in democratic way without being tired, to get the rights and the aspirations  ,they are expecting from the Government, the American Envoy for Sri Lanka,  Athu Kesap also said that America will exert continuously all possible pressures needed in the matter of Political Solution.

Voices raised for the rights shall be always yours and the pressure will be ours, he said.

A meeting between the visiting American Ambassador and the media was held yesterday in one of the leading hotel in Jaffna.

We believe that solutions could be found for several problems the Tamils are confronted with,through this government. I will discuss with the government circles regarding the Militarization sans Buddhistization you have revealed here. I will also tell them about the devolution of power for the Tamils in the New Constitution drafted now.

Hence the Tamil people should fight with the Government in a democratic way to reveal the oppression and to win their political rights.

If there are any threats from the Armed forces for  your expressions please complain at the American Embassy. We will take care of the necessary activities after that, he said.